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Moving Forwards by learning to Stop!

The most powerful thing I have learned over the last 10 years of studying and teaching high performance development is the habit of learning to stop! There are 2 areas where rather than doing, learning to stop is more effective … Continue reading

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Celebrating your most loyal customer… your staff!

The greatest asset to any entity, whether it be a large blue chip multibillion dollar corporation or a little start-up concern downtown; whatever it’s size, a company will never ever outgrow the character, morale and competency of it’s employees! That being … Continue reading

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‘What’s in a name?’

I have been involved in leadership for just over 10 years now and have been dealing with people for a lot more. No matter where I find myself speaking or training, whether back in South Africa, or doing leadership camps and training in the outback … Continue reading

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Walking in the other person’s shoes!

So I walk into the bank today to try and wire some money to a colleague overseas and absolutely no one speaks English! Okay, I accept that I am living in Mexico and the native language is Spanish, but Cabo San Lucas, this beautiful … Continue reading

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