Too many ‘Characters’, not enough character!

My favourite book affirms that, “from the abundance of the heart,  our mouth will speak.”

You need only take a look around you today to realize that the conversations we hear today are nothing like the conversations our granparents or our great grandparents used to have.

So much has changed in terms of our values and the character with which we live our lives!

I walk into schools on a regular basis and the rate at which the values have gone from held with esteem and high regard to completely absent is shocking! I was training in a school in Michell’s Plein this last week and it broke my heart to see surveillance cameras in the classroom. Oh how far we as a society have fallen to have to resort to those measures. Okay granted it was a government school in the drug and gang-ridden area of Cape Town know as the Cape Flats but I hear that the scenario in the more well to do areas of South Africa aren’t very much different.

A society that cuts itself off from its youth severs its lifeline; it is condemned to bleed to death,” said Kofi Annan, United Nations Secretary-General, in an address to the World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth.

I have read so many Facebook posts, articles and news reports recently about individuals who have spoken out for what once was held to be morally right, only to be lambasted and ridiculed for being intolerant of others. However as soon as that particular minority group speaks out criticising our age-old character values we hold to be right and true… then it’s not called intolerance then it is esteemed to be freedom of speech and a stand for human rights???


Case in point,  I read an article about a group of atheists who were suing the government of New York for allowing the steel girder cross (pictured above,) which fellow christians used as a symbol for how they banded together in prayer for all those at ground zero during 911, to be included in the 911 museum because it offended them. The article goes on to speak about how these atheists were outraged at the courts decision to throw out their law suit.

I ask you,  when did things like crack dolls in Toys R Us, or shows like ‘Black Sails’ or ‘Game of Thrones’ become acceptable entertainment or viewing for our youngsters but having faith frowned upon or even spurned? How did the gesture of opening the door for a lady or paying for the bill become considered a slap in the face of a modern-day woman, but bedding 3 women in one night the mark of a real man? Finally, how did the average age for underage sex and experimentation with drugs drop so drastically from around 17/18 to 14/15 in the last 10 years?

Because behaviours ignored are habits taught!

I have come to realize that the state of a nations youth is a good thermometer gauge for how well the nation itself is doing and where it is heading.

I strongly believe that it is time for us (the parents, teachers, leaders and elders of our nations,) to raise the bar regarding what we believe to be right and true,  to reaffirm the much needed values and character that we once held in our heart to be true, before the age of convenience and what’s-in-it-for-me for me became the norm.

It’s about time our nations once again became Nations of Character… not merely nations full of characters!

Your bud and fellow hero’s in the youth…

Wez and Estela 😉

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Westley and Estela are an incredible husband and wife team committed to maximizing adolescent's, aged between 15 and 25's potential by emparting authentic life in such a way that they come fully A!ive! They are both founding members of the John Maxwell Coaching Company and co-owners of Endunamoö Youth, an internationaly recognised youth coaching and leadership training company committed to inside to out transformation within their champions. Wez, a youth leadership and behavioral specialist as well as an outdoor enthusiast and Estela any young women's champion, have joined forces to produce a youth company specializing in life to the fullest! Their outgoing and friendly personalities, commitment to integrity and transparency and dedication to leading themselves first and then others, has earned them the right to share with, speak to and empower 100's of individual's to a better life and help your young champions become everything they are destined to be! Should you want further info or their services, mail them at or contact them on ( +27) 079 765-9619
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