To THINK or not to THINK… “what was the QUESTION again???”

QuestionsSo… Spring has Sprung here in the beautiful city of Cape Town; South Africa and what an incredibly sunny and refreshing week it has turned out to be!

Last week saw the onslaught of one of the most torrential down-pours of rain and cold to date. The irony of it all being that if you look out any window today, instead of water and mud and grey storm clouds you see green grass, weaver birds in the trees and after a deep breath… a fresh, clean breeze blowing in the air.

Even though Spring happens to fall after the onslaught of Winter on our calendar, we as people seem to welcome this change in the season as a symbol of the ushering in of a fresher, warmer and brighter season. This is the time of year when mom’s clean house, when individuals take stock and determine to build better; both mentally and figuratively.

So the question I am asking today is how do we build better?

There are a number of suggestions I as a coach could make to you; ranging from ‘Taking 100% responsibility for your life’, to having a ‘Clear, vivid, powerful call to Purpose or Dream’, or even rather than concentrating on a ‘To Do’ list, rather start working on a ‘to Stop Doing’ list.

But by far the BIGGEST lesson I am still learning, (yes, I said ‘I’ am still learning… believe it or not, I too struggle! I find it humorous, to think that people find it so hard to be believe that even though I am a coach; I too am challenged and even struggle with these life-principles myself! In fact, that is the very reason why I have a number of mentors and coaches myself!)

…anyway; as I was saying, the BIGGEST lesson I am learning (as this is, and always WILL be an on-going process till the day I die,) is that of making sure that I actively participate in my daily decision making processes!

‘The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts: therefore, guard accordingly, and take care that you entertain no notions unsuitable to virtue and reasonable nature.’ – Marcus Aurelius –

I am well known by all my clients and friends for pointing out that 75% of a person’s day is lived at a sub-conscious level! That is that 75% of our average everyday decisions that we take, we don’t even consciously think about!

When was the last time, after doing something, saying something (or even more importantly,) thinking something… did you ask any of the following three questions:

  • Why did I choose to do/say/think that?
  • Why did I choose to do/say/think (it) that way?
  • Is there a better way to do/say/think (about) that?

I have heard it said that the ‘quality of one’s life is determined by the quality of questions one asks him/herself!’

Imagine how much differently our lives would turn out if we actually started taking a pause to think, reflect and review before we impulsively did, spoke or thought?

In his book, ‘The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth’, John speaks about the ‘Law of Reflection’ and the fact that taking time to pause, allows growth to catch up with you. Don’t you think it’s about time to stop and take time to; as Joyce Meyers says in her book, ‘Battlefield of the Mind’… ‘Start Thinking about what you are Thinking about!’

Just a thought ;)

Your fellow hero and friends…

Wez & Estela

About Endunamoö Coaching

Westley and Estela are an incredible husband and wife team committed to maximizing adolescent's, aged between 15 and 25's potential by emparting authentic life in such a way that they come fully A!ive! They are both founding members of the John Maxwell Coaching Company and co-owners of Endunamoö Youth, an internationaly recognised youth coaching and leadership training company committed to inside to out transformation within their champions. Wez, a youth leadership and behavioral specialist as well as an outdoor enthusiast and Estela any young women's champion, have joined forces to produce a youth company specializing in life to the fullest! Their outgoing and friendly personalities, commitment to integrity and transparency and dedication to leading themselves first and then others, has earned them the right to share with, speak to and empower 100's of individual's to a better life and help your young champions become everything they are destined to be! Should you want further info or their services, mail them at or contact them on ( +27) 079 765-9619
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