StormSo, I am sitting in a training a while ago, and the speaker turns to us and says something we all will be quick to say we already know, but the more I think about it, the more I realize that I have personally never articulated and master-minded it properly…

“Life is NOT meant to be EASY!”

Have you ever thought of life as ‘EASY’?

We would be lying if any of us had to answer no! How many times I have fought because I have felt my so-called rights were transgressed and complained about the fact that ‘things were not supposed to turn out this way.’ If I had a dollar for every time I have uttered the words, “But I have worked so hard… I don’t deserve this… IT’S NOT FAIR!”

At some point in time… everybody has been there and lost it, because ‘Life has treated them unfairly!’ (Or so we have thought?)

The speaker went on to complete his thought…

” Life is not meant to be easy and life is not going to get any better either!”

Think about it, in all the time you as an individual have been alive… has life gotten any easier? If you were truthful, you would have to agree with this statement and admit that nope… if anything, it has gotten harder.

As a kid we worried about falling down when we ran, we worried about not passing the year or what clothes we should wear etc. In Varsity and college, the work just continues to get harder, the competition gets tougher and life just keeps on demanding more of you!

If you have entered the job market, you realize that hours get longer, the luxury of free time gets less and less, and that little bit we do have, we find ourselves lumming on the sofa or asleep in bed just trying to catch up on the much-needed rest and sleep we so desperately need. On top of that, we are still expected to fulfill our responsibilities at the end of the month… rent, bills, credit cards etc.

Add a wife/husband and a couple of kids to that mix and Oh Boy!!!

Life certainly DOES NOT get any EASIER!

So then why, do we as individuals, seem to act as though it should?

When it comes to coaching, I have always noticed that there is always one vital determining factor of whether a prospective client will sign on with me, or whether they move on…

…whether or not that they can accept that ‘EXCUSES do not HELP and that in order to move forward… they need to take 100% responsibility for their life!’

Anybody who knows me, will be able to tell you that I am not one to coddle you or sugar coat the truth. My personality and coaching style is very much ‘in-your-face… but on-your-side’!

As champions, we need to accept that life is not designed to get better any more than an eagle is designed to pick for scraps on the floor with chickens! We have been designed as champions to overcome, to grow stronger and to adapt to the ever-increasing demands life makes on us!

Life does not get better… WE GET BETTER at doing life!

And the only way that can happen is if we make peace with that fact, accept 100% responsibility for our response to whatever happens (responsibility = our ability to respond correctly to external factors and circumstances,) and when life hands you lemons… set up shop and heck; start a lemonade franchise! [Hee-Hee.] 

Just a thought ;)

Your fellow hero and friends…

Wez & Estela


About Endunamoö Coaching

Westley and Estela are an incredible husband and wife team committed to maximizing adolescent's, aged between 15 and 25's potential by emparting authentic life in such a way that they come fully A!ive! They are both founding members of the John Maxwell Coaching Company and co-owners of Endunamoö Youth, an internationaly recognised youth coaching and leadership training company committed to inside to out transformation within their champions. Wez, a youth leadership and behavioral specialist as well as an outdoor enthusiast and Estela any young women's champion, have joined forces to produce a youth company specializing in life to the fullest! Their outgoing and friendly personalities, commitment to integrity and transparency and dedication to leading themselves first and then others, has earned them the right to share with, speak to and empower 100's of individual's to a better life and help your young champions become everything they are destined to be! Should you want further info or their services, mail them at leadership@endunamoocoaching.com or contact them on ( +27) 079 765-9619
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